Upcoming Actions

March 1st, 2023 - March 31st, 2023
New York City

Run for County Committee and join me to demand

San Diego, CA - Tuesday, August 21st, 2018
USA vs Rockcoons (2:17-mj-30566)

This will be a hearing to decide whether Bitcoin is Money.

Brooklyn, NY - Monday, January 7th, 2018
USA vs Zaslavskiy (1:17-cr-00647)

This will be a hearing on the motions and the Judge has defered the question on whether Bitcoin is Money to the jury.

Public Hearings

NYS Senate Round Table on Cryptocurrency - 2/23/18

To gain insight on the logistics and organization of cryptocurrency; its regulation through the BitLicense in the state of New York.

Bitcoin Technology

Thierry Philipponat explain what is a Bitcoin

Thierry Philipponat explain that they are not Currencies. Thierry Philipponnat is an economist specialising in finance and on the link between economic theory and practice. He is the director of the economic think tank Institut Friedland.

How to create a Private Key

Bitcoin for Lawmakers & Lawyers - Part 1

Bitcoin Mining by Hand

Mining Bitcoin with pencil and paper: 0.67 hashes per day

History of Bitcoin and Critical Mass

History of Bitcoin 2009-2018 (Git Visualization)

Bitcoiners Vlogs

Bitcoin Q&A: Criminalization of ownership?

Andreas Antonopoulos is right on the process of something becoming law except his analysys on the legal analysis of the implication of the language. This language would affect the 4th amendement since that language wouldn't be used anywhere. He is right on the fighting in the court, but would you want to be the one fighting ?

Theo Chino at the Democratic Club.

This constant attack on bitcoin makes me unhappy. It was obvious club members were going to endorse her but I needed to get it out of my chest.

Andy from Blibre!

Andy's report on how he felt about the testimony.

Testimony in Opposision to ULC Bitlicense

A recorded message

Andy from Blibre!

Andy's is testifying in Nebraska Tomorrow

Adam Kokesh - The Freedom Line

Important Day in Court for Bitcoin and Morpheus Titania Jailed for 7 Months

Pierre Ciric explain Article 78 to Bitcoin Engineers in NYC.

Pierre Ciric, an expert in Article 78, explained why the department of financial services acted arbitrarily and inappropriately by using Bitcoin companies as "Guinea Pigs" when it promulgated its virtual currency regulation.

The Legislator Vlogs

NE Assemblywoman Press Conference

02/07/2018 - Senator Carol Blood Press Conference

NY Assemblyman looking for Bitcoin ATM!


NE Assemblywoman presenting 3 bills

Tokenverse interviews Senator Blood regarding smart contract legislature.

NY Assemblyman Introducing his bill

Andy's is testifying in Nebraska Tomorrow

NY Assemblyman Explain Blockchain!

Blockchain technology explained through Game of Thrones

Get Involved

Bill Status

Nebraska: 4 bills, 2 bad, 2 good.
New York: 4 bills, 4 good.

Bitcoins Lawsuits

Commodity Futures Trading Commission v. McDonnell (1:18-cv-00361).
United States v. Vallerius (1:17-cr-20648)

Regulations State by State

New York

Latest News

Gilles Gades and Llew Claasen

Gilles Gade of Cross River Bank on Bitlicense and then Llew Claasen of the BTC Foundation.

KETV Nebraska reporting on Bitcoin

Growing interest in cryptocurrency spurs conversations at Nebraska State Capitol Recent surges in value of bitcoin have pushed digital currency into spotlight .

Hawaii House Committee on Intrastate Commerce

Relating to Virtual Currency.

Hawai`i State Senate Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection and Health

SB2129 - February 2, 2018

Is the Electronic Frontier Foundation denies supporting ULC bill.

Def Con 21 - Ask EFF

Florida House Bill.

Florida Assembly Diaz ram his bill trought the legislature in 3 minutes.