Abolish the Bitlicense !
Advocacy against the Regulation of an Intangible Commodity.

   Hawaii - SB2129 - HB2257
Testify on Friday February 9 at 2 pm (02/07/2018)
Call your State Senator & House Representative.

    There have been hearing scheduled at the last moment without any notice as if they are trying to rush it undemocratically.

Measure to defeat: HR2257.
Measure to defeat: SB2129.
Hawaii House Committee on Intrastate Commerce. (22 minutes)
    Where are the bitcoiners and the small business representatives ?

Call your House Representative

    Call your State Senator and simply ask the staffer that they do not support HR2257.

Call your State Senator

    Call your State Senator and simply ask the staffer that they do not support SB2129.

    If your state senator are one of these legislator, Baker, S. Chang, Espero, Nishihara, Tokuda, TOKUDA, Ihara, or Kim, ask them to remove their endorsement to the bill.

    If your state senator is Gabbard, ask him to remove the bill from consideration.

Measure to defeat: SB2129.
The Bitcoin Foundation explain why this bill must be defeated.
    The Bitcoin Foundation has been fighing this bill since July 2017.
    The Uniform Law Commission is a group of lawyers from all part of the country that meet once a year to propose uniform legislations. It's a very specialize group of lawyer that sometimes is disconected from reality.
    This is really the only time Bitcoiners have to influence their local lawmakers. https://bitcoinfoundation.org/reject-uniform-regulation-virtual-currency-businesses-act
Information on the Uniform Law Commission Bitlicense.
Donate to continue the fight against the New York Bitlicense. (4 minutes)